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Welcome to the Plantipp website, providing information about new plant varieties managed by Plantipp.

On the website, all existent licensees are indicated for each variety. This makes it easier and clearer in terms of trade where it is possible to purchase a variety.

If you are interested in a license of one of our varieties, we would be pleased to hear from you. The same goes for trying out a new variety with your company.

Royalty management is a profession in itself, in which Plantipp is specialised. Should you find a new variety and would like to know more about our service, is a source of information! Of course, we would also be most happy to pay you a visit.

All varieties on this website are either protected by plant breeders’ rights or plant breeders’ rights have been or will be applied for. If you are growing one of our varieties and you are not sure royalty is or has been paid, please feel free to contact us.

Reinier van Rijssen

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