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Plantipp BV - Brunel 21 - 3401 LJ IJsselstein - NL
Mail: - +31 (0)65 355 0808
Mail: - +31 (0)65 588 1900
Fax: +31 (0)30 687 5561
To assure effective control, labels are obliged for most of the varieties. Enclosed please find a list of all the labels. If you click on the variety you can see an example of such a label. Labels can be purchased from Floramedia Holland BV and others. If you place an order at Floramedia the minimum quantity is 5.000 labels. If you need less you can always contact Plantipp. It is also possible to design your own label. However we need to approve such a label.

Abelia Hopleys (hangetiket klein) TIPP0040

Abelia Hopleys (hangetiket klein) TIPP0091

Abelia Kaleidoscope (hangetiket groot) TIPP0048

Abelia Kaleidoscope (hangetiket klein) TIPP0071

Abelia Sunshine Daydream (hangetiket groot) TIPP0101

Buddleja Adonis Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0056

Buddleja Marbled White (hangetiket groot) TIPP0057

Buddleja Moonshine (hangetiket groot) TIPP0102

Buddleja Peacock (hangetiket groot) TIPP0055

Buxus Golden Triumph (hangetiket groot) TIPP0090

Carex Rekohu Sunrise (hangetiket groot) TIPP0076

Caryopteris Grand Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0009

Caryopteris Grand Blue (hangetiket vierkant) TIPP0104

Caryopteris Hint of Gold (vierkant) TIPP0105

Caryopteris Sterling Silver (vierkant) TIPP0106

Caryopteris Sunshine Blue (Hangetiket groot) TIPP0067

Caryopteris Thetis (hangetiker groot) TIPP0080

Caryopteris White Surprise (hangetiket groot) TIPP0087

Caryopteris White Surprise (vierkant) TIPP0107

Ceanothus Tuxedo (hangetiket groot) TIPP0115

Cercis Ace of Hearts (hangetiket groot) TIPP0112

Cercis Hearts of Gold (hangetiket groot) TIPP0069

Cercis Little Woody (hangetiket groot) TIPP0113

Choisya Goldfingers (hangetiket groot) TIPP0016

Choisya White Dazzler (hangetiket groot) TIPP0098

Corylus Anny`s Purple Dream (hangetiket groot) TIPP0047

Cotinus Golden Spirit (hangetiket groot) TIPP0046

Cotinus Young Lady (hangetiket groot) TIPP0004

Cupressocyparis Blue Jeans (hangetiket groot) TIPP0050

Cupressocyparis Blue Jeans (hangetiket steek) TIPP0020

Exochorda Niagara (hangetiket groot) TIPP0116

Forsythia Maree d'Or (hangetiket groot) TIPP0017

Griselinia Green Horizon (hangetiket groot) TIPP0111

Hydrangea Emotion (hangetiket groot) TIPP0039

Hydrangea Emotion Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0045

Hydrangea Eternity (hangetiket groot) TIPP0044

Hydrangea Eternity Pink (hangetiket groot) TIPP0038

Hydrangea Forever Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0043

Hydrangea Forever Pink (hangetiket groot) TIPP0037

Hydrangea Little Honey (Hangetiket groot) TIPP0066

Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise (hangetiket groot) TIPP0089

Hydrangea Peppermint (hangetiket groot) TIPP0110

Hydrangea Romance Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0023

Koelreutera Coral Sun (hangetiket groot) TIPP0019

Lavandula stoechas Helmsdale (steeketiket) TIPP0005

Leucothoe Curly Red (hanglabel groot) TIPP0052

Leycesteria Golden Lanterns (hangetiket groot) TIPP 0003

Libertia Goldfinger (steek etiket groot) TIPP0074

Lonicera Honey Baby (Hangetiket groot) TIPP0018

Magnolia Genie (hangetiket groot) TIPP0088

Oenothera African Sun (steeketiket) TIPP0011

Perovskia Lacey Blue (hangetiket groot) TIPP0099

Phormium Black Adder (etiket groot) TIPP0075

Photinia Corallina (hangetiket groot) TIPP0103

Physocarpus Diable d'Or (hangetiket groot) TIPP0100

Physocarpus Diabolo (hangetiket groot) TIPP0008

Physocarpus Lady in Red (Hangetiket groot) TIPP0065

Prunus Etna (hangetiket groot) TIPP0007

Prunus Etna (hangetiket klein) TIPP0002

Prunus Etna (steeketiket) TIPP0010

Prunus laurocerasus Genolia (Hangetiket groot) TIPP 0054

Salix Armando (hangetiket groot) TIPP0012

Sambucus Black Beauty (hangetiket groot) TIPP0072

Sambucus Black Lace (hangetiket groot) TIPP0041

Thuja plicata Daniellow (hangetiket groot) TIPP0049

Viburnum Spirit (hangetiket groot) TIPP0086

Weigela Alexandra (hangetiket groot) TIPP0042

Weigela Elvera (hangetiket groot) TIPP0085

Weigela Pink Poppet (hangetiket groot) TIPP0036