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Plant breeders’ rights enable plant breeders to protect their new varieties. In order to do so, it is necessary that the variety is sufficiently distinguished from other varieties.

The costs for applying for plant breeders’ rights in Europe are € 900. Additional examination fees of the CPVO are € 1,105. When breeders’ rights have been granted, the annual fee is € 200 per variety. A variety of information about European breeders’ rights can be found on the website of the CPVO in Angers: The CPVO website also provides detailed information about all varieties that have been filed for application for European breeders’ rights and for which breeder’s rights have been granted. In Japan, New Zealand and Australia the costs are between €500 and €1,000. In the USA, it is not possible to apply for plant breeders’ rights. Only plant patents are granted. This costs about $3,000.

Plantipp is specialized in applying for breeders’ rights and patents. We do this through our international network. Under certain conditions, we are willing to finance the costs of breeders’ rights and patents.

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