Mix a kiwi with an apple. What do you get? Actinidia chinensis ‘Minkigold’! Minkigold has sweet, juicy kiwi fruits with the scent of apples. This Actinidia produces a large amount of kiwi fruits with bright yellow flesh. The fruits are 3-4cm long. Minkigold reaches a height of 3m and width of 1m. Its foliage is dark green. In spring, creamy white flowers appear. Bees and butterflies love Minkigold!Minkigold is hardy to -15° Celsius. It performs well in full sun. Place it in fertile, well-drained soil. This climber can be planted along a wall, along a fence or under a pergola. Minkigold is a female variety. To obtain fruits a male pollinator (‘Minkimale’) is required.Actinidia chinensis ‘Minkigold’: a fruitful and mouth-watering combination of taste & scent!

Key Points

Bright yellow, sweet, juicy fruits
Winterhardy to -15° Celsius
Attracts bees & butterflies