Try your luck with this Agastache Crazy Fortune! A beautiful perennial plant with variegated foliage and blue-purple flowers. In the spring, the new shoots are variegated in the shades of green and purple. The foliage of this plant is fragrant and smells like liquorice/anise. The flowering period is from July to September. Plant Crazy Fortune in the sun in a fertile, well-drained soil. Crazy Fortune has an upright growth and becomes about 70-80 cm high and 50 cm wide. An ideal plant in the border or in a pot on a terrace or balcony. Bees and butterflies are also "crazy" about Crazy Fortune. Hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

Blue-purple flowers
Variegated green-white leaves
Purple-green variegated young leaves in spring
Attracts bees and butterflies
Fragrant leaves (liquorice-anise)