Berberis Lutin Rouge has a compact, bushy habit. Lutin Rouge stands preferably in full sun to show his bright red leaves. Once you put him in full shade the leaves of Lutin Rouge colour bright green. After 7 years the height is 50 cm and the width 25 cm. The Lutin Rouge is very hardy to -30 °C and he stands preferably on well drained or heavy soil. You can apply the Lutin Rouge as a compact hedge, in a mixed container, as mass planting, in a shrub border or as solitary on your terrace or balcony. Gnomes are taken with Lutin Rouge so watch after it!

Key Points

Intense red foliage (full sun)
Fresh green foliage (full shade)
Compact habit
Compact hedge
  • Awards

    Berberis thunbergii Lutin Rouge winner of:
    • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2014
      Berberis Lutin Rouge on patio