Not a big fan of thorns? Neither is Chaenomeles speciose ‘Red Kimono’. This new variety doesn’t have thorns, contrary to most other Chaenomeles speciose varieties. Thorn-free ‘Red Kimono’ makes gardening easy and comfortable!‘Red Kimono’ gives colour to your garden. In spring, the shrub puts on a spectacular show with its dazzling red flowers. It has an upright growth and reaches a height of 150 cm. A real eye-catcher! ‘Red Kimono’ is fuss-free. Plant it in sun or partial shade in moist, humus-rich soil. Winters to -18° Celsius are no problem. ‘Red Kimono’ can be perfectly used as solitary, but also in shrub borders and for landscaping.

Key Points

No thorns
Upright habit
Intense, red flowers