Clematis Little Lemons was selected because of its dwarf habit, long flowering period and gorgeous, yellow flowers. The seed fluff that appears after flowering gives a very decorative effect. In the Netherlands, the flowers attract bees and bumblebees. Clematis Little Lemons produces stems of 20-30 cm long with sometimes an outlier to 50 cm. Its leaves are pinnate and green coloured. Little Lemons has yellow flowers that are nodding and beautifully bell-shaped with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Clematis Little Lemons flowers from mid-May to early September. Prune in March to 10 cm above the ground. This Clematis of the Tangutica Group is hardy to -25 ºC.

Key Points

Nice, yellow bell-shaped flowers
Fluffy seed heads after flowering
Dwarf habit
Very long flowering period
Excellent pot plant
  • Awards

    Clematis Little Lemons winner of:
    • Gold Medal Plantarium 2019
      Clematis Little Lemons on patio