It is always nice to have a warm feeling in your garden. Little Flames gives that wonderful feeling. In the summer, the autumn and the winter he shows little, red flames. That gives a stunning view and a warm feeling. Little Flames is beautiful on the terrace in a decorative pot and/or in your garden. Can also be applied as a compact hedge. Grows best in full sun or semi shade. Little Flames grows best on an acid soil type and is hardy to -20° Celsius. Height is 50 cm and width 30 cm. Little Flames is maintenance friendly, blooms in May and is an evergreen.With Little Flames you get a warm feeling in your garden!

Key Points

Red, fine foliage (autumn-spring)
Bushy habit
Low maintenance
Disease tolerant
Year round saleable
  • Awards

    Leucothoe fontanesiana Little Flames winner of:
    • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012
      Leucothoe Little Flames on patio