Your garden is sparkling! Not with fireworks, not with champagne…No, it’s Sedum SunSparkler® ‘Lime Twister’! Sedum SunSparkler® ‘Lime Twister’ stands out for its beautiful variegated foliage. The foliage is green with sunny yellow! In summer, this succulent flowers long and rich with large, soft pink flowers. ‘Lime Twister’ has a compact, creeping habit. It reaches a height of 25 cm and a width of 15 cm. Perfect as solitary, groundcover, in rock gardens, perennial borders or for landscaping. ‘Lime Twister’ performs best in sandy, well-drained soil on a sunny spot. It hardly requires maintenance and can resist heat and cold temperatures to -30° Celsius. Bees and butterflies are crazy about ‘Lime Twister’!‘Lime Twister’ is part of the colourful Sedum SunSparkler® series. For more information, please visit:

Key Points

Unique, bicolored foliage
Inter specific crossing
Light pink flowers
Compact, low growing habit
Not susceptible to diseases