How do you make a good impression on a woman? Well, take Syzygium australe Big Red. Big Red looks great. It has large leaves with a healthy, striking gloss. Big Red is exciting. Its new dark red shoots are like a colour explosion in your garden. Its new shoots contrast beautifully with its existing dark green foliage. Big Red is full of surprises. In summer it produces masses of white, airy flowers, followed by red berries. Big Red is strong and solid. It has a compact, bushy growth habit. It reaches a height of 150 cm and 75 cm. This Lilly Pilly is disease-tolerant. Big Red is easy-going. It is perfectly happy in well-drained soil in a location with full sun or partial shade. Very suitable as solitary on patio or terrace or together with other plants in a container. We have completely fallen in love with the charismatic Syzygium australe Big Red!

Key Points

Dark red foliage colour
Bushy habit
Disease tolerant
Glossy foliage
Perfect to use on patio