Agapanthus Fireworks wins again!

Agapanthus Fireworks

On the HTA National Plant Show, Agapanthus Fireworks (‘AMB001’) is declared winner by the RHS in the election of the ‘New Plant Award’! The jury found that this Agapanthus has the ‘wow’ factor because of its romantic and natural appearance. Even the flower buds look beautiful. It’s a beautiful, compact and sturdy plant which is suitable for both in pot and in the border.

Agapanthus Fireworks is signed up for the competition by Fairweather’s Nursery. Fireworks already won a price on GLEE Birmingham and the Chelsea Flower Show. Agapanthus Fireworks has been bred by De Wet Plant Breeders from South Africa and is represented by Plantipp.

That the selections of De Wet Plant Breeders are distinctive, is evidenced by the number of medals that their finds have won during the National Plant Show. So has Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple (‘MP003’) won a gold medal as well. A silver medal went to Agapanthus Ever Sapphire (‘Andbin’) and Agapanthus Ever White (‘WP001’) received a bronze medal.

Nepeta Neptune (‘Bokratune’) from breeder Kees Jan Kraan has won a silver medal at Plantarium in 2018 alongside the Mainstar and has recently been on the shortlist by Chelsea. Neptune now has won a gold medal at the National Plant Show. A bronze medal went to Sempervivum ‘Gold Nugget‘ from breeder Chris Hansen. This is part of the Sempervivum Chick Charms® series and shows a beautiful colour scheme. Cordyline australis Pink Star (‘TUS019’) from Laboratorium Tuszynscy also got a bronze medal.

All these varieties are protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and are managed by Plantipp. Plantipp is grateful to the contesters for their work so that these wonderful plants are at their best to show off during the National Plant Show.

In the picture from left to right: Sharon Lowndes (Fairweathers Nursery), Boyd Douglas-Davies (HTA Vice President), Patrick Fairweathers (Fairweathers Nursery), Martin Simmons (HTA Director of Operations).

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