GOLD for Little Lemons

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Clematis Little Lemons

Plantarium is behind us and what are we happy with all the medals won! Clematis Little Lemons (‘Zo14100’PBR) was awarded a gold medal by the KVBC (Royal Dutch Horticultural Society) and was even named best novelty Plantarium 2019. The jury thought Little Lemons a breakthrough in the breeding of Clematis!

The jury report was worded as follows: special, very compact bushy growth and not climbing. Richly flowering with soft yellow hanging bell shaped flowers. Applicable in borders and pots, but also in hanging baskets. Unique and innovative. A big thumbs up for breeder J. van Zoest BV.

But there were even more prizes: Hydrangea pan. Little Fraise (‘ROU201306’PBR), Sedum takesimense Atlantis® (‘Nonsitnal’PBR) and Weigela Picobella Rosa (‘TVP2’PBR) were crowned with silver. A bronze medal went to Hydrangea arb. Candybelle® Marshmallow (‘GRHYAR1406’PBR).

Hydrangea pan. Little Fraise is according to the jury, a good addition to the Hydrangea paniculata sortiment, between the high and low growing cultivars. Seems to produce a lot of flowers easily. Nice soft coloration during the afterbloom. Little Fraise was bred by Guido Rouwette and submitted by Handelskwekerij G. Hoogenraad BV and Vlasveld Tuintechnieken.

The American Introduction Sedum Atlantis® has been bred by Hortech, Inc. and is described as an innovative cultivar with very striking variegated leaves and yellow flowers. Atlantis® is submitted by Kebra VOF. According to the jury, Weigela Picobella Rosa has a fine, low and compact growth habit; ground cover. Continuous flowering, produces flowers all season. Picobella Rosa was found by Bert Verhoef and submitted by Boomkwekerij Robert Rijnbeek and Joh. Stolwijk & Zn. BV.

Hydrangea Candybelle® Marshmallow got bronze for the interesting light salmon-coloured to greenish white flowers and the relatively large individual flowers. Candybelle® Marshmallow was found by Guido Rouwette and submitted by Vlasveld Tuintechnieken.

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