Gold Medal for Magnolia ‘Genie’

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Magnolia Genie

After trialing Magnolia ‘Genie’ for several seasons, the trial committee of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society (KVBC) awarded this gorgeous Magnolia a golden KVBC Award. An outstanding achievement!

According to the trial committee, ‘Genie’ is an innovation in various areas. Its growth habit is very dense and compact. This means that ‘Genie’ remains a shrub rather than a tree. Its main blooming period is spring, but even after that ‘Genie’ continuous produces flowers in summer. This gives this variety long-lasting ornamental value, especially in comparison to other Magnolia cultivars. Its flower buds appear after winter, so they don’t suffer from frostbite. Even if the spring bloom is affected by night frost, ‘Genie’ continues to flower in summer. ‘Genie’ has cup-shaped and warm, burgundy flowers. Its leaves are healthy and dark green.

Magnolia ‘Genie’, developed by Vance Hooper from New Zealand, is the result of 15 years of plant breeding with the species soulangeana and liliiflora. As mentioned, ‘Genie’ is a compact Magnolia reaching max. 3 meters in 10 years. ‘Genie’ has burgundy red flowers that are more stable than other pink flowering Magnolia. Being awarded a Gold Medal by the KVBC means that ‘Genie’ has proven its value as one of the best cultivars in the Magnolia assortment. ‘Genie’ is protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights. Managed by Plantipp BV from the Netherlands and Kiwiflora from New Zealand.

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