Perennial Power, the advantages of perennials

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Perennial Power is a platform to jointly promote perennials because perennials are a party in the garden and on the terrace! Perennials stimulate the senses, are good for the climate, require little maintenance and attract bees and butterflies. Perennials are indispensable in the garden or on a balcony or terrace. Perennials flower through the different seasons for a long time. This allows you to enjoy a garden full of flower all year round. A varied planting, with many different species, also has a positive effect on the well-being. Plantipp likes to support the promotion of perennials. On the website of Perennial Power you will find plenty of information and inspiration about perennials. Growers can contact Plantipp for the latest introductions of perennials. Contact us for more information!

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