Acer ‘Ample Surprise’ is pure gardening pleasure! This new variety combines all the best characteristics of Acer amplum and Acer platanoides. Healthy growth, a fresh and vibrant look and very easy to maintain. ‘Ample Surprise’ has red new growth and keeps this color until late autumn. In winter, it will show its dark, almost black branches. It has a compact habit and can be pruned annually. ‘Ample Surprise’ is a versatile variety perfect as solitary in gardens, as ball on stem, as a hedge or in plant borders. ‘Ample Surprise’ thrives in any type of soil and can be planted in both shady and sunny locations. Enjoy carefree and fun gardening with ‘Ample Surprise’!

Punti chiave

Red new growth that stays red
Insusceptible to mildew
Vibrant and fresh look
Low maintenance
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    • Bronze Medal GrootGroenPlus 2013
      Acer Ample Surprise in garden