Did you know that Amber is a beautiful, precious gem? A perfect name for the lovely Clematis chiisanensis Amber! This new Clematis is a real gem. Amber flowers rich with full flowers. Its petals have a charming yellow colour with a pink ‘roof’. Amber can resist temperatures up to -25° Celsius. It starts flowering in April/May and blooms continuously in summer. In June, prune lightly at a height of 100 cm. Plant Amber in full sun, preferably in humus-rich, well-drained and moist soil. Very suitable as solitary on a balcony or terrace, in perennial borders, or as a climber to create a green wall. Clematis Amber is the perfect gem to decorate your garden!

Punti chiave

Abundant flowering
Full flowers
Yellow flowers with pink ‘roof’
Blooms abundantly in spring, continuous flowering in summer
  • Awards

    Clematis Amber vincitore di:
    • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2016
    • Chelsea Plant of the Year 2016
      Clematis Amber on patio Clematis Amber on patio