A flower can be like a piece of art. Take one look at Clematis ‘Taiga’ and you will see why. Its flowers are truly one of a kind. The Picasso among plants! In summer and autumn, 'Taiga' blooms abundantly with bright blue-purple flowers. Throughout the season, the colours and shape of the flowers change. This is such a spectacular sight, you will just want to frame it! 'Taiga' grows to 100 cm wide and 250 cm high. It thrives in fertile, humus-rich and well-drained soil. Winter hardy to -18 °C. Prune in March at 50 cm above ground.'Taiga' is a great plant as a solitary on balconies and terraces, in a hanging basket, as wall planting (facing south), or combined with other plants.

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Flowers change throughout the season
Abundant bloom
Unique type of flower
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    • Silver Medal Plantarium 2016
      Clematis Taiga on patio