One beautiful day, Mr Darques from France walked with his wife through his designer garden. Heuchera are their passion and they were surprised that day in 2007 by a mysterious seedling. They found a new seedling which was called Dark Secret as the elders were not known. Nature had done her work well and Dark Secret appeared to be a seedling from 3 cultivars: very dark leaves from ‘Obsidian’, serrated leaves from ‘Crimson Curls’, flowers and healthy/strong grow from ‘Frosted Violet’. Dark Secret becomes 25 cm high en 30-40 cm wide. Fits beautifully in the perennial border or in mixed containers and is an evergreen. Dark Secret flowers rich in summer and is very hardy (-30°C). Can stand in full sun, semi-shade or shadow. Dark Secret likes every type of soil and is maintenance friendly.

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Strong, dark purple-bronze foliage
Heavily ruffled leaves
Rich flowering
Deer resistant
Year round saleable
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    • ISU Evaluation 2012