The Hydrangea paniculata Diamantino is exceptional because of the wealth of diamonds. These give an amazing glint when it flowers in the summer. Diamantino has a straight shape with solid, straight stems. The panicles are sterile and have a full structure. Height 120 cm and width 120 cm. The exuberant flowering starts early with yellow/green panicles which colour until the beginning of September to pure white with a shimmer like real diamonds. Hardy to -30° Celsius. In a sunny spot or in partial shade the Diamantino shows up best. Diamantino grows well on every type of soil. With the Diamantino you have a solid panicle Hydrangea in the garden that gives an abundance of diamonds.

Punti chiave

Straight habit
Solid, straight branches
Flowers colour to pure white
Early flowering until End of September
Hardy to -20 ºC