The Encore® Azaleas bloom in spring and autumn. They offer ample choice in beautiful colours and demand little maintenance. The bicolored, velvet flowers of this Rhododendron Encore® Autumn Sunburst ('Roblet') have a coral red colour with pure white margins. Exuberant flowering in the spring, rebloom in the autumn. The foliage is a glossy dark green. This dwarf Azalea becomes about 90 cm high and 90 cm wide and can both stand hot and cold weather conditions. It is a plant that is easy to cultivate. Plant Encore® Autumn Sunburst in the sun or partial shade in a moist but well-drained soil. Great for mass planting, for on the balcony or terrace, or for in the shrub border. Hardy to -20 ºC. The trademark Rhododendron Encore® is registered under no. EU 003744323.

Punti chiave

Flowers are coral with white margin
Compact size
Repeat blooming
Tolerant to both hot and cold conditions