Vaccinium Flamingo gives lots of delicious, sweet fruit. But the most striking feature of Flamingo is the variegated foliage in the colours pink and green. Flamingo becomes approx. 1.00 m high and 70 cm wide and likes a spot in the sun or partial shade. It prefers an acid soil like a peat-or sandy soil. One of the parents of this Vaccinium is 'Blue Crop'. Flamingo is appropriate as a solitary on balcony or terrace, in a mixed planting or for in the border. Hardy to -22 °C. Pruning can be done after harvesting the fruits.

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Elegant variegated foliage
Rich on fruit
Sweet fruit
One of the parents is Vaccinium Blue Crop
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    Vaccinium corymbosum Flamingo vincitore di:
    • Silver Medal Plantarium 2018
      Vaccinium Flamingo on patio