Two novelties awarded at IPM 2019

Di 15 Marzo 2019 No Comments

At IPM in Germany, two Plantipp-varieties have been awarded: Pyracantha ‘Red Star’ and Sempervivum Chick Charms® ‘Gold Nugget’.

In the category woody plants, Pyracantha coccinea ’Red Star’ was the best novelty of 2019. According to the jury, the plant has less thorns than most other Pyracantha. The berries have a very nice, red colour. The plant has also proven to withstand the drought of last summer and this makes it, according to the jury, a plant for the future. Besides all that, it is also a very nice indoor plant. The plant flowers in June and the berries colour from September and stay on the plant untill after Christmas. The jury stated that the plant keeps its ornamental value even with frost. Pyracantha ‘Red Star’ is won by Van der Sar-Vermaat.

In the category perennials, Sempervivum Chick Charms® ’Gold Nugget’ won the title best novelty. The jury claims that this is a “beginners plant”: the plant requires little maintenance and is not susceptible to climate change. This Sempervivum is suitable for balcony, garden or terrace and can be planted in full sun. The plant has yellow with flamed red foliage in winter. Sempervivum Chick Charms® ‘Gold Nugget’ is won by Chris Hansen, US.

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